I recently had a change of mindset and lifestyle and now I'm doing my best to practice Islam and worship Allah but before all of this I made a lot of non-muslim friends (because I live in Europe) that do Haram things on the regular like drink Alcohol, party, zinna etc.

Basically I'm very close with one guy who is a non-muslim and he's arrogant and loves to talk about girls and clubbing and getting laid. I realise this is not something I want to be talking about. He was recently talking about how he is depressed because he hasn't gotten laid for a long time.

I'm really conflicted on what to do next because I really care for him. I have told him often times about God and that if he opens his heart, Allah will guide him.

Is it best that I just confront him about how I feel about when he talks about these things with me? or is it more recommended to distance myself from him as he regularly commits haram?

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

As-salamu Alaykum.


It's not only about religion, if you're uncomfortable about something, let your friend know. If they keep on doing that, sadly, you may consider finding new friends who do respect your opinions. It's very cruical to be open about how you feel with people you value.

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