Assalamu alikum. I have a doubt regarding using images. I would like to know if using an anime character's image as wallpaper with intention to get Motivated with my workout. I kind of feel i should work hard when i see a specific anime character. Will it be haram or is it allowed? Thanks in advance


Pictures, images or videos (including of anime characters) are not haram, except if the content of the image is haram, like nudity o sexual pictures or something like that.

I have pictures of my parents in phones to motivate me, picture of a car as wallpaper for my laptop, it is allowed.

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  • But there is a hadeed stating prophet (s.a) asked ayisha (a.s) to remove a sheet with picture of a bird. so there are some issues, right? – Akbar Badhusha Jul 15 '19 at 4:03
  • But at that time idols were very popular and a picture was able to lead to worshipping idols. – Cahid Enes Keleş Apr 11 at 18:56

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