Ok so I have a bit of a finance/investment question, most sheikhs in my area seem illiterate in this field so hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction.

I recently invested in an exchange which sells certain assets. Now this exchange currently makes profit from fees from both sending and receiving these assets, and also trading fees. Problem is, is that some of these assets can be considered haram. I have estimated the amount of profit the exchange makes from these assets (it's a really small number around 1-3%). Since I am confident that this exchange's native asset will increase in value, I don't really want to sell.

I read somewhere online that if you give away a portion of an investment which is haram, the rest of the money becomes halal.

To play it safe, I plan on giving away about 20% of the toal profit I make (well above my calculated amount).

So the question is simple, will the rest of the money be halal?


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