According to science to have the genetic diversity we could have today there could be no less than 1500 humans to begin with. This means that there must have been more than just one human in the beginning. So when it is said that we are the children of Adam and that he was the first human what does it mean and were there more people at the time with Adam on Earth?

  • And what is the relevance to the topic of the site? Almost all humans have the same genetic material or at least a big conformity in it so your statement is not contradicting that we started with two individuals, as this material may change with the time and other influences. – Medi1Saif Jun 25 at 14:31

As per Islam, there were just 2 humans [Adam and Eve - peace be upon them]. No one else.

Science is awkwardly self-refuting if you accept modern understanding of non-Muslims.

On one hand, they believe ALL of life on earth [greater genetic diversity as a whole than just within humans] started from just a single cell prokaryote.. and yet have a problem with Adam and Eve [more complex than a prokaryote] reproducing and giving life to all of mankind.

On the other hand, they believe evolution is driven by changes in genes i.e., mutations [which we know are majority harmful or neutral thereby not possible to have given rise to the beautiful diversity of life that we see today, it would mostly be ugly and disformed creatures] but have a hard time understanding that Allah (ﷻ) can increase genetic diversity by controlling and ensuring "good" genes only. Nothing difficult for the All Powerful Creator.

At the end of the day, science refutes itself. Islam shines.

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