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Here: Hafs 'an 'Assim

Shu'bah 'an Assim

Warsh 'an Naafi'

Qaloon 'an Naafi'

Al-Buzzi 'an Ibn Kathir

Qunbul 'an Ibn Kathir

Al-Duri 'an Abu 'Amr

Al-Susi 'an Abu 'Amr

Hisham 'an Ibn 'Amr

Ibn Dhakhwan 'an Ibn 'Amr

Khalaf 'an Hamzah

Khallad 'an Hamzah

Al-Layth 'an Al-Kisaa'i

Al-Duri 'an Al-Kisaa'i

Are the above the correct names of the seven Qira'at along with the primary students written correctly?

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