Ok. I know Al Baqarah 2:34 but there is something that feels wrong.

Allah ordered angels to prostrate after Hz Adam but The Iblees isn't a angel?

I have learned there is an rule in Arabic called Taqleeb (I like to see Quran as a... "Poetry Book" but the weirdness of Arabic makes me confused) but couldnt find it anywhere on the net from somewhere like a Arabic dictionary.

I want an explanation about the verse itself and the name of that Arabic writing rule.


Yes, Iblees is not an angle but from Al-Jinn and has been created from fire.

He (Iblees) used to worship Allah Almighty too much, and was too obedient and very close to Allah that He deserved from Allah to be put with the angles' class; thus, He was ordered the same command as what Allah ordered the angles since (again) He was classified with them. The source_1 in Arabic

About Taqleeb, I have never heard of such a term, maybe you mean Taddmeen (تضمين) which indicates an implicit meaning in a particular word so that it would have two meanings. The source_2 in Arabic. But this has nothing to do with the verse.

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