I thought I got my period for the second time during Ramadan yesterday, which is unusual since my cycles are usually much longer. However due to dietic changes during Ramadan with fasting every day, I believe this is the reason why. But the problem is I'm not sure if this is my period or not. At first it was brown discharge which is common at the beginning of a period because it is the old blood from the last menstruation, so I assumed it was that. However I wasn't completely sure as I've had this kind of discharge before during ovulation. I went to the Masjid anyway yesterday thinking it was ovulation, ate Iftar, prayed Maghrib, and then before Isha when I went to the bathroom the brown discharge had increased, looking definitely like a period so I immediately left and went home. Today this discharge/blood is again very light, and I can now see a yellow discharge, which is a sign that the period is over however I'm really not sure and am confused as to whether this is my period or not. I would really like to pray today especially as Ramadan comes to an end but I am not sure if this is my period or not and it is impermissible to pray while on your period.

  • This looks like if you are looking for a fatwa we are not a fatwa site. If you see discharge that has the attributes of menses you should consider it as such. – Medi1Saif Jun 2 at 20:27

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