I found the ahadith below from this link https://seekingthedivinecountenance.wordpress.com/2015/04/13/the-benefits-of-kissing-the-black-stone-al-hajar-al-aswad/. Are they of any basis? The first one actually states that Ali RA believed that the Stone could benefit and do harm. What did he meant by this? How could he contradict what Umar RA said? Also is it true that the Stone was originally an angel? :

When the second Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab (r.a) came to kiss the Stone, he said in front of all assembled: “No doubt, I know that you are a stone and can neither harm anyone nor benefit anyone. Had I not seen Allah’s Messenger [Muhammad] kissing you, I would not have kissed you.” Ali, brother of prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) responded to Umar (r.a), saying, “This stone (Hajar Aswad) can indeed benefit and harm. Allah says in Quran that he created human beings from the progeny of Adam (as) and made them witness over themselves and asked them, ‘Am I not your creator?’ Upon this, all of them confirmed it. Thus Allah wrote this confirmation. And this stone has a pair of eyes, ears and a tongue and it opened its mouth upon the order of Allah, who put that confirmation in it and ordered to witness it to all those worshippers who come for Hajj.” [Appears in Sahih of Bukhari and Kanz al-Ummal]

In a variation:

When Umar ibn al-Khattab (r.a) was on Hajj, he came to stand before the Black Stone of the Kabah and he spoke to it, ‘O Hajar al-Aswad, you are but a stone. You do no good and no harm, but the Holy Prophet (s.a.w) gave you great honor so I will honor you too.’ Ali (r.a) coming up to him said, ‘OhUmar, why do you speak thus? The Lord of the Worlds has informed us that the Black Stone was an angel before this time, and he has consciousness. On the Day of Judgment he will testify. He witnesses all the pilgrims who step before him during the Hajj, and their names are written before him in a book. In it, he records their name and reports them on the Day of Judgment, for the Hajar al-Aswad also has a mouth with which he, then, will speak.’” [Appears in Lore of Lights, Volume I]

  • Please share all relevant quotes. I mean you want a statement about a narration about 'Ali and didn't even quote it nor the source. – Medi1Saif May 21 at 8:13

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