As question mention in title, here are few realities

  1. It has been 5 months of marriage. Rs 5000/- mahr moajjal was written in marriage certificate whereas wife took only RS 500/- and waved off rest mahr.
  2. Mahr ghair Moajjal is written 4-1/2 marlas of land and 6 tola's Gold. Gold was fully given whereas an affidavit was given citing the land in name of wife by husband's father. (no registry or inteqal was given)
  3. Rukhsati was taken place at the same time when marriage had been consummated.
  4. Unfortunately wife left husband's house without his permission and decided to live in her parent's home without any legal reason and isn't ready to come home even after several calls by husband.
  5. Husband performed all conjugal obligations accordingly, but it is submitted that wife’s behavior towards the husband and his parents was very harsh, abusive, disobedient, inflicted mental torture, & agony and she always numerated false stories and tried her level best to make a miserable-life of the husband and his other family members, on instigation of her mother and sisters.
  6. Husband don't have any property in his name.

On all the proofs are available with husband, is he applicable to suit for restitution of conjugal rights and what family and Islamic law says on this matter? Any law expert please advise.

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  • You would be better off asking about Islamic law on Islam SE. The courts would defer to shari`ah. – user6726 May 14 at 15:24
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