Asslam o alaikum all of my brothers and sisters... It is better to do ablution(wudu) before reciting quran but i have one question and my question is that before reciting quran i do wudu(ablution) but while reciting quran almost everytime i fart and then i again do wudu and again recite quran. Is it necessary to do wudu again after u fart.... Iam talking only about reciting quran not about salah because it is necessary to do wudu again when you fart in salah but is it necessary while reciting quran?? I don't know why people downvote my this question coz i haven't said something bad...

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    The most accepted view of the 4 madhabs generally say that wudu is obligatory in order to touch the Quran but reciting it does not, so you should read it without touching it. See this and this. – Muslim_1234 May 13 '19 at 2:29
  • Why do you keep editing the question without making any meaningful improvement? – UmH May 21 '19 at 15:43
  • Well good question i do coz I don't get any accurate answer according to my topic but now i got my accurate answer and i don't want to edit now i mean i will not edit now – Ahmed May 21 '19 at 17:01

its necessary before touching the holy quran you have to perform ablution if in case while reciting the holy quran your ablution is broken then you perform it again to full fill the condition again which is you filled before reciting.


I to had a similar question like you and like I did not get a real straight answer my advice is to listen to your gut feeling and see what it tells you oh and keep in mind that while reciting the holy Quran your speaking directly to the maker of all just think about that for a minute your speaking, talking, and conversing with the almighty now ask yourself should you be in a state of wudu or not. Good luck may the one God have mercy on all humanity as a whole Amin

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