I am a single woman with no day job. Usually after Fajr prayer (3:30am) I read morning athkar and Quran, then go to bed at 5:30am and wake up at 1:30pm to pray Dhuhr (which starts at 11:30am). I pray Dhuhr at 1:45pm. (Asr prayer is at 3:00pm).

The reason I delay Dhuhr prayer is because if I have 6 hours or less of sleep then I get very sleepy through the day. I don't like to nap because I can't (i've tried before and it doesn't work). When I get sleepy, my prayers are not too focused on the worship and my eyes sometimes close.

According to this source, it says:

"...the time for Zuhr prayer lasts from when the sun passes the meridian until the time for ‘Asr begins, so all of this time is the time for Zuhr prayer, and it is not makrooh to do the prayer at any point within this time."

"The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The time for Zuhr is so long as ‘Asr has not come.”

"What is meant by the preferred time is that it is permissible to do the prayer at any point within that time, and it is not makrooh.

Delaying the prayer for about an hour after the adhaan does not mean that it is delayed beyond the preferred time."

Is it ok to delay Dhuhr prayer after the beginning of its prayer time (adhaan) but still in the Dhuhr prayer time-frame?

I know that praying ON TIME is the best thing to do, but is delaying just a little to be more focused on worship considered alright?

(I know that I asked this question before, I wanted to ask it again to be more clear in what I was asking with sources)

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