Since it's Ramadan, I get my period soon. But the thing is, I usually bleed for 5 days only, NOT 7 days. Should I not fast for 7 days just to be safe? Do I fast again once the bleeding has stopped even if it's less than 7 days?

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    There's menses (hayd) and there's bleeding (istihadah), but most scholars agree that a menses might take up to >10 days. See also periods of two weeks duration
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whatever the time of the Menstruation Period , you are supposed to NOT fast on your period,

All schools of Islamic jurisprudence agree that a woman in menstruation should not fast or pray. This is established in based on the following hadith:

Mu’adhah said:

I asked `Aishah, ‘Why must we make up the fasts missed due to our menstruation, and not prayers?’ Aisha said, ‘That was what the messenger of Allah told us to do. We were ordered to make up the fasts, and we were ordered not to make up the prayers.’ (Narrated by the Group)

sources : http://www.myreligionislam.com/detail.asp?Aid=5899 http://aboutislam.net/counseling/ask-about-islam/cant-fast-menstruation/

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