I've tried to fast multiple times and couldn't pursue my ramadhan after a few days for health reasons. I still want to do efforts to what my body can stand (just drinking water + 1 fruit during day) because I don't feel like eating normally during holy month of Ramadhan and also to "feel" being in Ramadhan which has great signification to me. I also feel closer to the people around me by doing that. Most people around me say "just eat" but my heart doesn't quite tell me to do it. I'm wondering if this is still considered a good deed or not. I already know about compensation for the poors which I already follow, so this is not the only answer I'm expecting. Thanks so much & ramadhan mubarak

  • You should ask experts on that a (Muslim) physician would be a good start and later a well-versed scholar who may give a verdict: fast or not. Partly fasting doesn't seem a legal option unless an authority says so. This is not answerable on this platform. – Medi1Saif May 9 '19 at 7:56

Brother, there is no such thing as "partially fasting". If your health does not permit fasting, then you're exempt from it. I believe you would then need to pay fidya.

This is a very detailed answer. You should also talk to your local masjid.


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