I want to ask that is it ok to play any type of PC games during the fast (especially PUBG that is quite popular nowadays).

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I am a recent convert but sad to see your question downvoted and unanswered. While hoping for a more detailed reply, I could share my personal take on this with you.

Fasting is a period of abstination in which the most beautiful thing I have learned is countering lust in my desire to please Allah. It is with this same devotion that during the fast I also try to play as few video games as possible. While it is my biggest leasure time activity, I hope Allah will see my efforts to refrain from these things which I enjoy most in life. Regarding this, if you are addicted I believe this will also allow you to reconnect with many other joys in life. After fast you will also enjoy finally being able to play a lot more, as all things of abundance are less enjoyable.

I deeply apologise for not being able to give you a more exhaustive answer based on religion. I'll join you in eagerly waiting for a reply!

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  • Thanks for answering and sharing your thoughts, I am not addicted to PC games but playing them is my hobby and I thought if in the meantime after praying and reciting Quran instead of sleeping or doing anything else this will be a good time pass activity for an hour or so. – Sheikh May 7 '19 at 7:24

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