I can't focus on work while fasting during Ramadan and i don't know what to do about it, I'm a programmer so my work requires focus and mental effort, I can handle the physical dificulties, but when i get to work i'm like a zombie staring at the screen all day without being able to do much,

The problem is that i'm living in a foreign country for a non-muslim employer and they don't have much interaction with muslims and don't care about what this means or what is it about, if i'm given a task, it needs to be done, fasting is my own problem,

This is my third experience of Ramadan here, during the first one i almost got fired, i felt tired and i went to take a break, next thing i know, my boss is yelling at my face " Get back to work, now !" and she escorted me to my desk, The second Ramadan i had to quit because i know that i either work or fast, this time, i took my vacation time during the last two weeks of Ramadan, but still, don't know how to go with the first two weeks,

I tried different strategies like skip Sohor to have enough sleep and weight gainer shakes to suppliment my diet after iftar ( i don't work out ) with no success,

My job is not a luxury, it's a necessity for me, i have bills to pay, but i don't want to put it ahead of Ramadan, any advice is really appreciated.

and if i have to ask a straight forward question, it would be : based on the above, if i can't function properly due to fasting ( no illness as far as i know ) , am i permitted to skip some days of Ramadan and give them back later ?

  • Do you normally drink coffee? A lot of this just sounds like poor sleep habits combined with caffeine withdrawal. – goldPseudo May 6 at 1:20
  • Yes, I usually need coffee to wake up in the morning. – Taki May 6 at 1:33
  • Is your working schedule fix? If not why don't you start the day soon after suhur or work a few hours after iftar. If you have a coffee problem you should try to break the habit after this Ramadan step by step, because one may become addicted to it. I could stay without drinking coffee for days. – Medi1Saif May 6 at 6:09
  • Also your post sounds more like an advice request which is hardly on-topic and even with the "focused question" at the end it is still hardly on-topic: we are not a fatwa site and IMO this question needs a fatwa. – Medi1Saif May 6 at 6:23
  • While this seems primarily a personal advice question, maybe this issue is sufficiently widely applicable to consider this on-topic. Perhaps there's ahadith or fatawa pertaining to this matter. – Rebecca J. Stones May 9 at 17:17

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