A common technique against black magic is to drink ruqyah water. Ruqyah water is water over which Quran is recited over. But oftern it is easier to use sheets with Quran printed on them with edible ink rather than recite and blow on the water.

see link for example:


Now you can buy sheets that have entire Quran or with selected verses.

But what my question is: Does anyone know where I can order tailor made sheets? That is sheets with Quran on that I want, rather than pre-made ones. I've checked the internet but could not find anything.

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    I hope they don't exist as this sounds more like a business and hocus-pocus and I doubt it has a legal basis in Islam. – Medi1Saif May 5 at 6:07
  • @Medi1Saif its just that I know the verses that my jinn hates. They are 7:11-24. In ruqyah verse are recited over and over. The more you repeat the better it is and the strong its effect. It take ~35min to recite this 7 times with tajweed, this does effect the jinn but not as well if I recited it 20 of more time, but I recite other things so ruqyah is already >4hr. Although it is like a business, it would help some one sufferening from sihr. And this is not hocus-pocus, I urge you to read more in this, most people that don't experience Jinns, magic or do ruqyah will think it is hocus-pocus – Asan Ramzan May 5 at 6:55
  • Well the topic of ruqyah is a field for charlatans who play with the believe of others and get profit from it. Most serious scholars dislike or don't even approve it. I remember that sheikh al-Ghazaly wrote a very suspicious comments on article about a ruqyah against a jinn made by a well known salafi/hanbali scholar. And having some experience in the medical field I know of the effect of believe when it comes to the use of placebos it seems similar to me. If a person recites qur'an for himself to stay safe etc. that's fine with me anything else sounds weird. – Medi1Saif May 5 at 7:46
  • according to this very serious sheik ruqyah is part of islam: youtube.com/watch?v=fvdOtnGBHPc I also have experience in various labs in medical reaseach the problem is that you don't have the appropriates controls to make your conclusion. And indeed there are many charlatans but we must not be a stereotype some are genuine. – Asan Ramzan May 5 at 8:51

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