Assalamualikum, I am girl and I am doing job in office so that, I can't get time to pray namaz of zohar,asar,magrib please give me best suggestion for do salah at time.And I am doing job more then 13 km and I have do salah all farz and sunnet?


When you are able to find time for prayer, pray all that you have missed. E.g if you came home at isha time and you missed zuhr asr and maghrib, you should start with zuhr, asr and maghrib before praying Isha. This is based on one of the hadith which talks about the prophet missing the fajr prayer and then when he and the companions woke up they prayed fajr. Please do research on this hadith as what i said is just what i remember. It's a tough task which shouldn't be encouraged and one should find careers that enable them to pray on time. Better to build the world around islam rather than building islam around the world.


first you should find place for rest for 10 minute. if you can not find any place and office forbid praying in office you should pray in minimal movement. for example when a patient can't move limb, he (she) should move body until it possible and it is ok. You can never leave the prayer.

I hope your problem is solved.

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