Assalamu Alaikum Brothers in Islam,

Scenario : A Muslim sees two people fighting, or two people robbing or similar sins, and he intervenes and tries to physically stop them from committing the Sin, but they end up killing him.

In this scenario, is the Muslim considered a Shaheed / Martyr?

I understand that the term "shaheed" applies to a lot of people. That is, one who dies in an accident or of a disease, etc.. However it is said that their bodies are to be washed before burial.
Only in One case is the body of the martyr not washed. And that is if he has died for the Sake of Allah (Physical Jihad).

So, is the Muslim who is killed while Propagating Islam or enjoining good and forbidding evil (Amr bil Ma'ruf) considered as a shaheed who's body isn't washed before burial?

  • What about the faith of the fighting people? This person may die while doing a good deed. I don't think this is shahadah but Allah knows best. – Sassir Apr 19 at 7:21

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