Asllam o Alaikum I'm 18yrs old.I have been victim of pornography and masturbation since 2010 and I didn't have any control over it.But in the mid of 2018 I have got text from girl I have crush on,and I was very happy that she says she loves me and from then we were in relationship.By the grace of Allah I offer 5 prayers regulary and left pornography and masturbation and developed very good habbits e.g reading hadith books etc.But after 6 months I watched video in which they tell these relations are haram.So we both decided to take break from this relation.But she was so angry on me because we made many promises.And from that time I again fell into bad habbit of pornography and masturbation.I tried my best But I only have control of 13/14days. Please guide me what to do.And in this condition is relationship halal please because I'm suffering too much.

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