Can I be divorced a 3rd time if we have not remarried or seen each other for 3 years after the 2nd talaaq . I spoke to my ex husband and and him to process the divorce through the courts which he has finally agreed to do I asked him to talaaq again so it could be my 3rd divorce from him which he did does this count as my 3rd divorce now as I want to k ke so I can just move on with my life

  • In Islam divorce takes place if the 'idah passes without reconciliation after a correct talaq. So this 3rd divorce was not necessary at all. If there was no reconciliation during the 'idah at the begininng of this 3 years Periode. However a valid 3rd divorce would make a remarriage between the both of you rather difficult, but I wonder if that counts at all after 3 years. Because if you are no more husband and wife according to shari'a what is the sense of a divorce? – Medi1Saif Apr 9 '19 at 5:12
  • What is this divorce for? You are divorced already in Islam. – Sassir Apr 10 '19 at 14:05

If my understanding is correct, a man can divorce a woman 3 times on the spot, as in "I am divorcing you, I am divorcing you, I am divorcing you". Which makes him then unable to go back on his word.

Since there can be 3 consecutive divorces without anything in between, then there's no need for a marriage / reconciliation between divorces.

To my understanding, you have now been divorced thrice, and are free to move on with your life, and pursue happiness. You might want to finish the legal proceedings soon, though.

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