Assalamu Alaikum Brothers in Islam,

I remember hearing a narration once. It goes something like this.

A jew or a mushrik rested at the Beloved Prophet Muhammed (saw) 's place one day and he defecated on the bed or something along those lines. and the prophet instead of employing his slaves to clean it, himself does it. and the the travelling jew witnesses this and converts to Islam.

Is there a narration like this in any of the hadith books? and if yes, is it authentic?

  • Closest narration that I can think of would be about the bedouin, in Muslim and Bukhari. – UmH Mar 27 at 16:30
  • I know of this. But the one im talking about is one which i vaguely remember, if im not wrong where apparently this person had slept the night at the prophet's house. And he defecated on the bed and without cleaning it he left. And the prophet (saw) found out the next morning and cleaned it by himself or something along those lines. – Insaan Mar 27 at 16:34

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