I masturbrated and I’m 12 my liquids were not pure white and were just very slightly foggy, am I baligh? I was told that you have to have wet dream or have hair down there, is this true? (I know this is haram I’m going to stop)I also have some hair but I don’t know how much you need to have to count. I’m very worried and want to know.

  • If you start to have the ability of ejaculation, then you're already baligh as you have become adolescent. Doesn't matter if there are hairs or you have wet dreams. – Crimson Mar 25 at 22:45

Brother when i masturbate first time i was 12 year old. Right now iam 14 and a half year old and iam addicted now. I try to stop but its very hard to stop masturbating when you are addicted.. Plzz for god sake it's your time to stop masturbate you aren't addicted yet. Well till now i never had an wet dreams nor hair loss.. One more thing that whenever you masturbate you must have to do ghusal(Bath). Because your salah will not be accepted when you don't do ghusal. Not on normal life ghusal is necessary but only when you masturbate or do some other sexual things etc in which ghusal is important.

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