Salaam Basically i entered a competition to win a car, you have to answer a question with correct answer and pay a fee to get entered into the competition and they do a draw and if your name comes out then you win the car. I won a car from there with this method, Now i been told its haraam for me the method it was obtained. So does that mean its haraam to keep it still? or has the haraam already been done?

Another thing, so after being told its haraam i sold the vehicle for a very cheap price to a family member and the money i got for it i gave it charity, is this okay for them?

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    There are two different questions and should be asked seperately. And I believe the first question already has an answer on this site – Crimson Mar 19 at 13:22
  • Everything is permissible unless proven guilty. Why do you think winning the car is haraam? Because it feels like gambling? And why do you think that selling the vehicle is haraam? – Muz Mar 20 at 7:39
  • Anybody else help me with this – Haz1990 Mar 21 at 1:00
  • If it is a competition it is not haram, but if it is a gambling then it is indeed haram. You should know the difference between gambling and competition first, i think it is good enough. And, why bother? it is a rizqi from Allah. It is a winning prize not a gambling reward. – Andre Ramadhan Mar 23 at 8:30

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