In my theatre class, there was this greek mythological script. We were assigned random parts, and I was assigned zeus. When my part, zeus, came, I said something like "is this how you treated the ruler of the gods" and referred to Hades in another line as "god of the Underworld". If it somehow helps, this script is a reader theatre script, which is reading the lines of a character without acting it out much with movement, and reader theatre scripts are where you read out the lines.

a)Have I committed shirk?

b)If I'm allowed to take a part in this play, my theatre class wants to perform this play next quarter. Am I allowed to have a tech role in the production of this play?

  • This is a very good question actually , as far as I know , acting out things that are blasphemous is unanimously rejected , don't have a trusted source for that though . Maybe someone can supplement a good source . – SongBird Mar 2 at 20:08

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