In our school we are forced to pray. Not physical force but they say that we have to otherwise we will get into trouble. I know we are supposed to pray but most of the school doesn't and this one teacher came up to me and said "when i saw your mum on parents evening i was going to tell her that u never pray". Even though i do usually

When they first introduced this rule about everyone having to pray, i sat in the back and was showing my friend a card trick and that teacher saw and she said a few weeks later to me "I was going to tell your mum that you were playing cards while everyone was praying" but she brought it up weeks later when she could have said something before

Is it fine for them to force people to pray even though only about 200 out of 500 people actually pray?

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    You should tell your mom the truth and be honest. And do your best in praying on time. If the school makes differences in forcing people to pray it might be due to given reasons. For example female students might not be able to pray due to menses. – Sassir Feb 23 at 18:47
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    If they are all Muslims, then of course it is fine. The same way it is fine for schools to force students to wash their hands with soap even if they don't want to. – The Z Feb 24 at 2:54
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    Why does it matter to you how many students of your school pray? Your prayer is for yourself and for your benefit and their prayer is for their benefit. The school is just trying to discipline you in your prayer. That is one of the reasons for schooling. – Crimson Feb 24 at 8:40

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