Aasim bin Bahdah, from Abee Saalih from Umm Haanee bint Abee Taalib (Prophet’s cousin). She said,"The Messenger of Allaah passed by me so I said, ‘I have become old and weak (or she said somethingsimilar) so order me with something I can do whilst sitting.’ He said, ‘Say ‘subhaan Allaah’ one hundred times, it will be equal to freeing 100 slaves f rom the offspring of Ismaa’eel.Say ‘alhamdulillaah’ one hundred times, it will be equal to giving 100 horses equipped with lights and bridles ready to fight for the sake of Allaah in charity. Say ‘ Allaahu akbar’ one hundred times, it will be equal to 100 garlanded sacrifices. Say ‘laa ilaaha illAllaah’ one hundred times, (ibn Khalf, the narrator from Aasim, said I think he said) it fills what is between the heavens and the earth. And nobody comes on that day with anything better except that he does the same as you have done."


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