I apologise for the frequent questions and if this is confusing but this one I am far too curious. So my local Masjid has a different timetable to other ones and I was struggling to find which one is correct. I got my local one and another one which I thought maybe correct and compared timings. The one that had later timings e.g (one has 7:05 for Isha and another 7:20) I would pray 15-20 minutes after it. So lets say Isha for the later one was at 7:20 I may pray at 7:35 or 7:40.

Now I wanted to check and get an accurate timetable because there were so many timetables in the city I live in. I went on a website called moonsighting.com and that had a completely different timetable to what I was reading. The Isha time was a lot earlier however it has been said that moonsighting was reliable. So I may have read numerous rakats of namaz after the actual time and if this moonsighting timetables is correct I dont know what to do.

Do I have to make up the prayers or not?

Also does anyone know any other website that is very reliable and will give me accurate prayer times for the UK.

Thank you. If anyone needs me to elaborate on a specific detail please say so.

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