several years ago i used to do youtube adsense. where i review anime / film. the anime is very unislamic. i get money from reviewing that so it's haram money.

one day i decided to use that money to buy laptop. with that laptop, i learn how to code or doing programming. and then i made several apps / program, which generated lot of money.

now i am confused whether my income is halal or not. the work i am doing now is halal insyaAllah, but the laptop, which is used to make application, is bought using haram money.

is the profit / income i made all haram, and the apps too ?



I might be wrong, but I think that the profit you made from the apps are haram as you were learning to code using a haram laptop, and also this all started with haram money. As I said, I might be wrong, so wait to see if anyone else says something.

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