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Assalamualaikum I'm a Muslim girl, who is interested in writing stories. I've written a few stories and many people, including my parents, have complimented me and have encouraged me to publish them on sites . But the problem is that, I only write fiction stories. I don't want it to become my profession or anything.. And i don't want to make money or fame out of it. All I want is to write. But is fiction stories allowed in islam? And what I mean by 'fiction' is magic and adventures. Like a fairy tale or something.. Is it against Islam in doing so? I mean isn't it a form of lie as long as I'm writing something that's unreal. Is it still considered as a lie even if it has a moral in it? Please help in answering. Jazakallah khair

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Fiction is expression of ones imagination. Lying is deliberately steaking false statement and convincing others that it is true. As long as readers know that its fiction its not a lie



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