As-Salamu alaikum brothers and sister, I want to understand how does nafil fill the shortcomings of fardh, for example if a person forgot to say 'Rabb ighfir lee' in the sitting between the two prostrations in (which I lately found out that's obligatory) in both fardh and the sunnah before/after it, is the fardh sufficed by other dhikrs and duas in the naafil? and is sujood al-nasw obligatory if someone prayed a naafil instead?

Edit: My question isn't a duplicate because that "90% prayer" question is sure his prayer is 90%, but I'm asking if that 90% becomes 100% because of that naafil.

Jazakum Allah khayran.

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    And for your information See in our meta – Jamila Feb 11 at 6:11
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    Possible duplicate of Does a 90% correct prayer count for nothing? – Sassir Feb 11 at 6:21

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