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I've looked all over for the answers to this question yet I'm still confused and have not come to a conclusion. I am to marry a Muslim man, and I am Sunni Muslim but he is Shia Muslim. We have both realized this is a problem and that the sects are generally against each other and there have even been some political issues. I don't know what to do, and I feel hopeless. My family is not keen on letting me marry a Shia man, but he and I are both Muslim and we are looking for a way for him to convert to the Sunni sect, or anything that can help. He is not strongly bonded to the Shia sect at all or it's beliefs, he is more leaning on the Sunni side, and we don't know what to do.

I hope it is not haram for me to marry a Shia man. My biggest concern is what he can do, how he can join the Sunni sect?

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    Sect is not religion. You don't need to convert to a sect, just start believing in it. – The Z Feb 4 at 3:01
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    Shiaism started as a political ideology before taking it's present various forms. There are some Shia sects that are totally out of the fold of Islam. While are there are still others which are close to the orignal Islam. Hence you should first figure out where you stand. If the latter, the difference doesn't matter that much. But if the former it can lead to issue in the future after the honeymoon period ends. – Ahmed Feb 4 at 8:25

A Muslim is a Muslim. Try not to divide the religion into sects etc. You may follow beliefs of a Sunni or of a Shi'a but if somebody asks you say you are a servant of Allah, you submit to Allah, you are a Muslim. There is no need to say you are either Sunni or Shi'a. Read surah 6:159 and 3:103.

That is beside the point anyway. As long as your husband follows what the Sunni sect teaches and has the intention that he has Sunni then he can consider himself Sunni. Make sure you follow the obligations of marriage when marrying him though.

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