so i want make a "chess" event/competition.there are 100 players players will play against each other who is the most talented/skilful player will win the event/competition.from each player i will get $0.01 as a fee so total is $1. we will send $0.5 to the 1st.$0.25 to the 2nd.$0.1 to the 3rd.$0.15 is for our team.we will make this online.i mean in our website.we will do this several times in a day. and we will refund the losers(who not won) for example we will make a profit $10. we will send $5 to players who lost. we also help players to be better at chess. the players not need to deposit(give their money to us.)we will give players $0.001 from the ads that he watching sometimes more than $0.001. for example the player complete a task. or watch a video/ad sponsored by google then we will give him $0.001.we are not forcing players to play chess.we are just offering him to play chess with others.and try their skill to be 1st. so is that money we are getting as a fee is haram? thank you.

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