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Assalamu alaikum everybody.

I'm young women, who wants to draw a story in a comic form, especially in a digital form. I read lots of informations but i still have some doubts. So please can you give me an answer ?

First my doubts :

  • It will be in a digital form, so it will not move (not animation)
  • I will not draw details such as pores, nostril... so it will be not realistic. Plus i will try to not draw a full body
  • I will not imaginate non-existing creatures.

  • The main point is that any living creation is haram because it immitates Allah's Creation. But drawing a character will not live at its own ? they do have feelings (in the story) but they don't have any soul to live at its own?

It will be a story of friendship, highschool life ect.. So I'm a bit confused, - if it's haram, i will leave this project/dream for the sake of Allah-. :)

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