Suppose a poor beggar who lives on streets and suffers from hunger everyday but gets by struggling everyday. He is also a Muslim, but I want to know if he is exempt from offering Salat due to his struggle. i.e. hunger, thirst, illnesses, mental stress and etc.

If he is exempt from missing Salat why?

If he is not exempt, how is it fair when you consider that in the hereafter he will after endure even more suffering to atone for missed Salat. Whereas a well off Muslim who can fulfill his obligatory duties will possibly have less suffering in this world and atone for less in the hereafter.

Therefore, the likely conclusion is that the poor beggar Muslims will be the losers in this life and the hereafter; in comparison to the well off Muslims. How is this fair?

Please can someone offer an answer to this using authentic sources as reference.

Moderators please do not delete the comments in this question (As you've done in my previous question) or for any answers, as we are simply discussing the topic in more detail and addressing any ambiguities in their answers/ responses

Thank You

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I can not give any proper hadith right now, but I know plenty of story of the companions of Muhammad (SM) who were very poor and did not have food to eat, did not have clothes to wear but they were told to perform their salat. Nobody is free from their salat, whatever is their conditions are.

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