I play a game called PUBG where you have to kill other players who are not on your team. I play this game when I get bored. It does not affect my salat(prayer). I go to mosque regularly. It does not affect my studies also. So, is playing such games in such conditions haram or halal?

I know questions about video games are already asked several times. But, I need an appropriate answer on "killing player in video games halal or haram".

  • Two huge issues here: (a) Why would you think it's haram in the first place? (b) If this question has already been asked several times already, what was unsatisfactory about those answers? – goldPseudo Jan 14 at 2:56
  • Actually in those answers I didn't find that killing players in "video games is halal or haram" - exceptionally this topic. I've already checked all questions but didn't find any answer. Could you please answer this question? – Shromi Jan 14 at 2:59
  • @goldPseudo I am really in a trouble in this matter. If you can kindly give an answer of this question I will be very satisfied. Just don't put it on hold and please let other to answer this question. This question is not similar to all other question on this topic. A huge group of people don't know this answer. I hope either you will answer this or you will remove the on hold topic. – Shromi Jan 14 at 3:09
  • 3
    You've provided absolutely no reason to believe this would be haram in the first place. Even if I were to re-open it right now, it's just going to end up a duplicate of islam.stackexchange.com/q/36838/22. – goldPseudo Jan 14 at 3:29
  • Can this be a question reformulated as "Are shooting games allowed?"?. But, it could still be a duplicate of this question. – servant-of-Wiser Jan 21 at 7:53

First playing games per se is rather frowned upon in Islam as it is a waste of time and may disturb you from your duty of the daily prayers.

Secondly playing games depicting humans is widly discussed ins everal questions on the site which generally come to the conclusion it is haram.

Thirdly assuming the game is nevertheless halal killing in a game doesn't count as a sin per se. As you don't kill in reality.

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