Brothers. A friend of mine converted to Islam, however I think the best known translation is Yusuf's, but this generates some controversy. I would like to know what is the English translation, in your opinion, which better guides someone who has converted to Islam. He wants to start reciting in English because he doesn't know Arabic, so I'd like to know what the best translation start the Salah in English ? One that is close to the Arabic Quran in the sense that best captures the accepted interpretations.

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  • As-written, this really seems too opinion-based to be answerable; everyone has their own favorite translation of the Qur'an that they would consider "the best", so you're likely just going to end up with as many answers as there are translations. – goldPseudo Jan 12 at 21:53
  • Assalam aleykum brother. I didn't ask what the best version is. But what version is closest to the Arabic to indicate to my friend. – ANormalUser Jan 12 at 23:11
  • In what way? You've already rejected Yusuf's, but failed to exactly explain why. Do you want which one has the most literal word-for-word translation? Which one is the closest to the original Arabic meaning? Which one best captures the accepted interpretations (in which case, which accepted interpretations do you want)? Which one most elaborately explains the potential differences in translation for each and every word? Do you want an interlineate, or do you want something that actually uses English grammar? "One that is more close to our Arabic Quran" is really just too vague to work with. – goldPseudo Jan 12 at 23:31
  • In this case I would prefer to give my friend the "one best captures the accepted interpretations". I updated my question. – ANormalUser Jan 12 at 23:43
  • I found this helpful. – ANormalUser Jan 12 at 23:45

Peace and blessings upon you, I trust that you are well and in good health.

All praise to the Almighty.

Salah (contact prayer/ submission)

Try the translation of Sam Gerrans - the Quran a complete revelation. It can be purchased on amazon

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  • +1 I didn't know that version. Thank you! – ANormalUser Jan 12 at 22:47

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