aslam alikum okay so i read about the punishment for homosexuality in islam and i do believe some people say it's kindof the same in christianity as well as judaism i think but i have to ask that yes allah with his glory said it's an illness and the successors with the prophet commanded death for homosexuality but the real issue is should death be the ultimate solution in our modern day and age ? i do believe that islam is forgiving and leaves second and third chances for repentance but i do believe that homosexuality shouldn't be punishable by death directly i am not discouraging or doubting allah's decision or the prophet's or his successors but i think they should be taken into fourth consideration as an extreme measure but in our modern day an age that homosexuality should be treated as an illness h i know it's true and allah mentioned it is then why we wouldn't treat as such since humans advanced so much in psychology and it's a known fact that many people aren't gays but they became that way due to psychological issues from surrounding such as from their families or their loss of their father's or even a trauma since childhood which back then i believe they didn't take into consideration then why middleeastern societies along with the muslim world (generally) and their governments don't recognize that there is psychological treatment by the psychiatrist and also allah too other due to praying and dua than killing people like that. thank you i am waiting for a debate :)

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