I am looking for an actual logical reason not just a hadith without any explanation for it.


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  • This question looks for an answer which seems off-topic as it ignores the teaching of Islam see in our Meta. Actually the qur'an includes statements which can be taken as an evidence rejecting an order from the qur'an actually is a kind of kufr. – Medi1Saif Jan 11 at 9:50
  • If you want to know why something is haram, you can't just go in arbitrarily rejecting reasons it may have been declared haram in the first place. What perspective are you even looking for here? – goldPseudo Jan 12 at 22:02
  • I am not asking for a certain perspective, and I am not randomly without any reason rejecting why it has been declared haram. I am saying that the reason that it is natural order is just ridiculous without an explanation, Abdul Haseeb didn't give any explanation to how humans following natural order benefited us in any way. Therefore that argument is empty and shallow. – fluxx1240 2 days ago

Because its not how natural order works, the main reason for having two gender is so human can reproduce their offspring, Allah created Eve so Adam is not isolated and the number of human increases there is reason why Allah created her not another him i hope u get my point

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  • And why is not following natural order haram, why is it immoral? – fluxx1240 Jan 11 at 9:26
  • because there are certain set of rules, breaking the rules means not following the teachings of islam and thus a person cannot be a follower, and about immoral its because mating a guy according to western world is through a place that is filthly and full of diseases – Abdul haseeb Jan 11 at 9:35
  • I understand that Abdul, but the whole motive of the question (which you clearly didn't understand) was to question those set of rules namely on the ruling of homosexuality. My rationale is that God creates a set of rules to help humanity, by punishing homosexual acts how does it benefit society at all, does it prevent anything immoral? You haven't answered any of these very important questions at all. – fluxx1240 Jan 11 at 11:04

Peace and Blessings upon you

Look at Quran 7:80-81 the story of Lut/lot Quran 7:178-179

May you be rightly guided, and draw your anwswers from there.

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