What was Allah doing before the creation? Is there a Hadith for this? Was God making other words before our own?


Someone very beautifully answered this question here.

To summarize, Allah is above all constraints like space, time, energy and matter. These cannot be applied to Allah like it does to His creation. Allah was, is and will be. There is no beginning to Him nor an End. So to ask what Allah was doing before / now or after is illogical. If you are asking from the human perspective as to what Allah was doing before He created anything, then the knowledge of the unseen is only with Allah and very little has been given to us (little and good enough to be able to believe in Allah).

Humans have always been curious beings. Islam encourages to question and ponder, but instead of focusing on what Allah was doing, we need to care about what are we doing now in this life to achieve the hereafter. Once faith enters the heart, the clear and the unclear..we accept all of it as it is..as it was made known by Allah to us. The matters of the unseen..if you question too much..there is plenty of room to go astray..we from the outside looking in cannot understand a lot of things now (hell, heaven, angels, death, resurrection)..it is all part of the test. But Allah has given us simple examples to understand some concepts of the unseen so that we can relate to them. Death is like sleep, resurrection is like how the earth turns green after it was once dry, etc..We will see it all for real the moment we die and when later we are resurrected.

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