Assalamu walaikum

I saw this cheese product made by kraft and I wanted to know whether it is halal or not.

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So I sent an email to Kraft company asking about whether this is halal or made from any animal enzymes or not? They responded back with this:

"Thanks for your interest in KRAFT Mozzarella cheese. None of our mozzarella products contain animal-based enzymes. I hope you continue to enjoy our products."

So should I ask any follow up question? If yes, then what should I ask them because I don't know what else I should check with them before I decide to eat this cheese?

And if not then is this halal to eat?

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You need to check these:

  • whether the milk, from which the cheese is made, is of a permissible animal
  • whether the rennet used to make the cheese is from a permissible animal
  • whether that animal (source of rennet) was slaughtered according to Islamic requirements. There is difference of opinion on this.
  • if any other ingredients are added for flavoring etc., whether they are halal

Cheese that claims to be vegetarian or kosher should be halal.

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