I have done something very wrong. My mother, my aunts and my grandmother found out, they have scolded me for it, I realize that I have done wrong(I have done the same mistake twice now) but they keep finding a way to degrade me for what I have done and keep taunting me for it. I know they are very disappointed by me and they should be angry, but when they say stuff to taunt, it hurts and makes me annoyed. I dont know how to react then. My grandmother she says everything to taunt me. My mother says she wont forgive me till Allah forgives me, how will she know if Allah has forgiven me or not? And how should I react if someone taunts me for my deeds? I am exhausted.

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Allah is the Most Powerfull, you must change or you Will keeping condemning yourself. You must expect forgivness in the Day of Resurrectoon, not in this life time.

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