There are a lot of sohaba-e-ikram in our islam but in the quran no "sohaba" name is mention instead of one "sohaba".


As‘salaamu alaikum.

The Prophet Muhammad‘s (alaihi salaam) adopted son, Zaid ibn Haaritha (radi‘Allahu anhu) is a Companion of the Prophet (a.s.) who is mentioned by name in the Qur‘an, (Surat-ul-Ahzab (33), ayat 37).

To my knowledge, Zaid (r.a.) is the only Companion mentioned by name. Others are alluded to but it is the hadith literature and/or the seerah of the Prophet that tells us explicitly who those ayah are alluding to.

I hope this answer satisfies you.

As‘salaamu alaikum.

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