I have been looking to find a good job for quite some time now, I finally managed to get an interview at the M&S cafe as a waitress, but the M&S COMPANY sells alcohol. even though I will not be selling or working or TOUCHING the alcohol, is it still haram/forbidden for me to work there? I understand some people will see this as being haram but bare in mind that I live in the united kingdom where it is extremely hard to find a Halal shop or restaurant, although, most Halal restaurants here sell alcohol. thanks.


Hadith says it is haram to sell, produce, serve, go between a seller and buyer. Also eating, sitting or buying something from somewhere sells alcohol. I could not find the source of hadith i mention but i remember its content was this.

However, this does not change the fact that you can even eat pork if you do not have anything else to eat and you will almost die of hunger. It is your responsibility to search hard and deep to find a halal job but if it is completely impossible to find another job, you can do it to survive.

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