There are some specific words for certain deeds like when someone give us gift we say "jazakAllah". Then what should I say when I see bad deed.

  • In case you see bad deed you should even consider changing it or advising the person doing it too. In Islam witnessing something wrong and keeping silent is a sin unless one is not able to act! – Medi1Saif Nov 16 '18 at 10:44

whenever we see bad deeds first of all we shuold try to stop them.

On the authority of Abu saeed al-khudree(ra) who said: "I heard the messanger of ALLAH (saw),"whosoever of you sees an evil,let him his hand;and if he is not able to do so then[let him change it] with his tounge; and if he is not able to do so'then with heart -and that is the weakest of faith" [MUSLIM]

or we shold say "NAUZBILLAH" WHEN see the bad deeds. and shold also pray that:

"allahahuma innee auudu bika min munkaraatil-alkhlaq, wal-amaal wal-ahwaa.(sunan ATTERMIDHIY#3591.

"O ALLAH!I seek refuge in you from reprehesible deeds and whims"

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