In Islam Mozan give Azan 5 times a day. My question is that in a whole world billions of Mosques present in every country and Mozan give Azan 5 times a day so in every single day which mosque give first Azan in the whole world?

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  • Depends on what you constitute as your date line. If it is in Makkah then some masjid in Makkah would be the first. If it is equivalent to the International Date Line for the Georgian calender, then some masjid in Kiribati would be the first one. – Ahmed Nov 10 at 19:48
  • It does't seem like a bad question. Why is it negative voted? – Fahad Uddin Nov 10 at 20:39
  • First there are so many mosques in the world and therefore it is hard to know which mosque might be the first in which the adhan call was made first. And secondly for answering this -if possible- we need a clear reference to which we may refer be it a location a date line whatever. And thirdly if we even knew which mosque it was what is the benefit. IMO this is off-topc! – Sassir Nov 10 at 21:32
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