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Is it permission for a muslim to sing song and listen music in islam..what music from islamic point of view and is not good then what punishment for that.

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Music by itself is not sinful, but what matters is the message from that song. If the message from that song is bad, then of course it if sinful and even haram. But if it does not contain no bad message, then everything is ok. The songs and type of musics which contains good message are:

  1. Michael Jackson’s songs.
  2. Electronic songs( tule-fearless pt 2 and Warriyo mortals are my favorite songs).
  3. Dubstep( is ok).

There are many good songs in the world. I have listed just 3 of my favorite songs and musics because, there too many.

The rest, you have to listen carefully to the message which the song contains.

Quran is very logic, you just read it carefully and everything is piece of cake. Prophet Muhammad said himself that Quran is quiet simple to understand.

Of course, you can also sing. It’s part of human nature. But, you don’t sing just everywhere, I mean, you can’t sing in bathroom, but outside of bathroom, yes you can.

How do you think some people are able to play musical instruments so good, know to sing and dance? Because, they’ve been gifted with this talent. If God we’re to be agreed with something, He wouldn’t give no talent on playing musical instruments, singing and dancing. So, if He Allowed this to happen, then that’s mean He is agreed and there’s nothing wrong in it. Because this happened as He willed.

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