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I was reading the conquest of Khaibar and although Alhamdulillah I don't doubt the decision taken by our Holy Prophet Muhammed (saw) , I do feel a bit uncomfortable at the fact that the conquest was mostly a pre emptive strike.

The People (Jews) of Khaibar surely were treacherous and a threat but we're not openly engaged in a war with the Muslim.

Are the reports of Ibn Ishaq or other writers trustworthy regarding this?

Were conquests like these considered the "norm" back then?


As Far As I know , the Jews of Khaibar were involved in the battle of Al Ahzab also known as the battle of the Trench , which was so intense that the Muslims were almost wiped out from their home base in Medina , and here I don't mean the Jewish residents of Medina , whom openly betrayed the prophet and were severely punished for it , but the attacking parties themselves , so Technically they were in open war with the prophet , maybe not exactly at the time of the battle of Khaibar, but the prophet didn't let their participation slide .
However , during the Rashidun Caliphate many wars were pre-emptive actually , so it isn't uncommon in Islamic history post the Prophet (PBUH).
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