During the life time of the Prophet () did anybody of the sahabah give fatwa according to Shi'a sources?

If so who was/were this/these sahabi/sahabah?

And under what circumstances did he/they give fatwa? (For example was the prophet () present (in the same location or at least area, so that the asker might have the possibility to ask him instead of anybody else).

Or otherwise said was giving fatwa only in the hand of the prophet and none was allowed to give a fatwa except with his permission?

Just as an info sunni sources count up to eight sahabah according to imam as-Suyuti (see for example in this thread -in Arabic) who counted them in a short poem:
وقد كان في عصر النبي جماعة * * * يقومون بالإفتاء قومة قانت
فأربعة أهل الخلافة معهم * * * معاذٌ أبيٌّ وابنُ عوف ابنُ ثابت

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