I stopped my wife from having male friends online and also because of this I blocked all those people from her Facebook account. And whenever she talks to male friends I check her conversation and complain when I see something I don't like.

She says this is controlling and I have trust issues. Is her having a male friend allowed in Islam? Is me controlling her like this allowed in Islam?


For me, it depends if a man and woman are allowed to be friends. If you intentionally have feelings for/flirt with him/her, then obviously that is haram, also there shouldn't be body contact either. If you personally know that what you're doing is wrong then it will be your consequence for the after life especially. But I wouldn't just be alone with him/her, unless I'd get permission off my parents.


No person is allowed to have friends of the opposite gender. Is it because of trust issues? Yes. Allah does not trust us. In fact, he does not trust us so much (especially in this matter) he doesn't allow us to go anywhere near Zina:

Do not even go close to Zina. It is indeed an indecency and an evil way. (17:32)

Having 'friends' of the opposite gender is definitely not allowed due to the above ayah and other ayah from the Quran. Please note, we are allowed to speak to the opposite gender while keeping a respectful distance and language in a public setting. Online conversation are not in a public setting and are thhus not allowed.

The husband completely has the right to demand his wife not speak privately online with other males, as does the wife have a right to demand the husband not speak to females.

  • In my opinion, it is allowed, but if two best friends, a girl and a boy together, they are just friends, but don’t go to Adultery then, everything is fine, but is they go to Adultery, then it becomes prohibited their friendship. And they should find friends of their gender.
    – Alex A
    Aug 16 '18 at 22:09

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