Ok so this is something that's been bugging me lately. Quran has a vast amount of references which point to a process exactly like evolution, i.e. all life being created from water and yet the story of Adam and Eve doesn't quite frankly fit in, because if Adam was created by God in the heavens and sent down then that isn't evolution How do these two things reconcile

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  • It's the other way round: the story of Adam and Eve is the reference, and the theory of evolution does not quite frankly fit in. – III-AK-III Aug 14 at 0:21

The two things do not reconcile, so you have to believe in one or the other. Two quick points:

  1. Allah (ﷻ)'s saying that living things were created from water is a fact that is proven. Logically there is nothing about this statement that suggests "evolution" though [which is your incorrect premise]. Generally speaking, various independent things may be created using one resource. All they have in common is that resource but process of formation can be entirely different.
  2. Even before we begin talking about the verse on water, evolution theory rejects the idea of "Adam" (first human) period. According to the theory, humans evolved from lesser apes, meaning the first of humans were actually a group of people, not one person.

Bottom line- The two things do not reconcile, so you have to believe in one or the other.

For me personally, there's many flaws in the evolution theory. But none in the Qur'an.

Salamualaikum Natural selection: Adam as was 98feet tall and over time we shrunk

We haven't uncovered much of the earth's surface, and it would be difficult to find the giants that we used to be.

Through food scarcity the smaller humans survived.


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